Concepts & Drawings

Your contemporary, classic, vintage or minimalist concepts can become a unique piece of art thanks to the ability of our excellent Italian craftsmen

Brief from the client / Definition of the overall concept

Our selected and skilled craftsmen have the ability to realize a unique custom-made furniture conceived and designed by interior designers and architects for their clients.

The MDD team assists the architects through all stages of the project preparing any required prototype to reach the perfect match between the clients’ brief and the artwork. Our selected and skilled artisans, who are well-known at national and international level, will take care of every single detail helping the client to finalize the overall concept.


All styles can be reproduced, from old-fashioned or vintage styles to modern or contemporary styles.

The brief is just the beginning of a professional process whose aim is to produce a high-quality, unique, handmade and valuable furniture.

Custom-made boards

Once concepts and requests have been defined our artisans will realize "prototype boards' in different patterns, colors and materials to achieve the clients' appreciation.

Production / Quality Control

The MDD Team combines skilled labor and innovative technologies in order to realize the unique custom-made furniture.

Tradition and innovation are harmoniously combined during all production’s phases.

Chosen the final solutions, following the architects’ instructions, our craftsmen will start the production and our specialists will oversee step-by-step the production, checking:

• Wood materials
• Raw furniture
• Measurements
• Wood carvings
• Color and finishes
• Furniture accessories
• Packaging (carton and crate)

The strong enthusiasm that MDD team puts into every piece of furniture gives to all our projects the privilege to fulfill the highest demands and needs of the interior designers/architects.

The interior designers, architects and their clients are very welcome, at any time, to visit our production sites.